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Biolin™ – a regenerating prebiotic for your skin

Biolin™ – a regenerating prebiotic for your skin

The presence of harmful bacteria on the skin leads to irritation and dermatological problems such as acne or dandruff. Restoring a favourable environment for beneficial microorganisms naturally takes some time. What if there are far more harmful microorganisms than the good ones? In such cases, it is worth considering a treatment that will bring the expected results faster – for example, a prebiotic such as Biolin™.


What is Biolin™ ?

Biolin™ is a combination of glucooligosaccharides and inulin. It is a prebiotic, the composition of which makes the beneficial organisms develop much faster than the negative ones.  This is the case even with a clear preponderance of bad microbes over good ones. The rapid growth of friendly bacteria means that in a short time these proportions are reversed for the benefit of the skin.

The action of the prebiotic Biolin™ can be reduced to two main functions. Firstly, it stimulates the growth of beneficial organisms , and secondly, it plays an important role in creating a suitable environment in which these organisms can thrive at the expense of negative microbes.


Biolin™ - what are its properties?

By using Biolin™, it can be expected that the body will be much more resistant than before to the effects of various unfavorable factors, e.g. harmful bacteria, pollution or sunlight. Biolin™ effectively helps to fight acne – both youthful acne and unsightly pimples that also appear in mature life. It is an ideal ingredient for demanding and problematic skin, and acne-prone skin is usually one of these types. By using this prebiotic, you will also manage to take care of a beautiful body that retains its youth, firmness and elasticity Biolin™ helps to prevent the recurrence of dandruff and supports the fight against skin infections, including in intimate areas.


Biolin™ - what effects to expect during use?

Biolin™ Prebiotic is a powerful prebiotic that provides relief when a skin problem is related to: itching, redness or dandruff. In addition, it prevents the unpleasant odour associated with the accumulation of harmful micro-organisms on the skin. Its presence also makes it possible to effectively prevent skin microflora disorders, providing and restoring its proper protective barrier.
The result: the skin will have a healthier appearance – Biolin™ will nourish it properly and protect it with a protective barrier that does not allow harmful factors and microorganisms to pass through.


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