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production, that reaches
millions of customers.
Every day.

Hundreds of customers. Thousands of formulas.
Millions of products on store

Our private label production stands for more than custom production – it constitutes a partnership in cooperation with the client, during which we advise, develop, produce, and work hard for your brand’s success. A highly qualified team of technologists, strategists, and marketing specialists work to create the product – days and nights, to meet the highest standards and help reach record profits.

Discover the contract production process
that we have mastered to perfection.


Customer needs analysis

At the beginning, we talk with the client and analyze their needs. We come up with product ideas, we advise, and then create.

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Product formula

Next, our team of qualified technologists develops a product formula for you, which, after testing is ready for production and can then be implemented.

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Product branding

At the same time as the recipe is being formulated, our marketing and graphics specialists create a packaging design and product branding, referring to the product’s specificity, ingredients, and brand. Before the cosmetics or medical devices reach the production line, they are tested many times in our laboratory and complete documentation is prepared.

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Private-label production

Our products reach major distribution chains and stores in Europe and around the world. We support you during every stage of introduction of the product to the market, so that the product not only successfully reaches the shelves, but also the consumer baskets, thus fueling your company’s profit.

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Only verified raw materials and trustworthy suppliers

Raw materials from verified sources are as important as reliable suppliers.
We care about both so that our products are synonymous with the highest quality.

Laboratory– the heart of the production that beats
to the rhythm of your brand

The laboratory constitutes the heart of our business – this is where the production of custom perfumes or medical devices begins. Dozens of physicochemical and dermatological tests are conducted by highly qualified technologists. Tests are also outsourced to independent institutions, ensuring only the most innovative and modern equipment is used. All for your brand, so that the product that leaves the production line is a combination of an effective concept, the highest quality, and attractive design. From here, it’s just a short step to the recipient’s wallet.