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Cleanical skincare

Cleanical skincare

How to combine one of the characteristics of care with a clinical approach to research in the beauty industry?

How did the trend  influenced by social attitudes emerge over the last few years?


How did the Cleanical skincare trend emerge?

Let’s go back to 2021 for a moment, when the clean beauty trend appeared in the consumer market and became one of the leading cosmetic trends in skincare. Clean Beauty focuses on two aspects: safe skin care and respect for the environment. The concept of a trend is so broad that it began to grow into a philosophy degree. Key features of clean beauty include a general respect for the environment; the use of recycled packaging or the activities of producers in accordance with the sustainable development policy. In the context of cosmetics production, these include clear product labelling and simple composition. Manufacturers from the cosmetics industry or contract manufacturing companies in accordance with the idea of ​​​​clean beauty should be transparent towards consumers, be guided by ethics and responsibility (CSR) and provide consumers with an efficient and environmentally friendly product above all else.


Cleanical - a trend that combines the value of care with a clinical approach.

A simple composition. Attention to active ingredients obtained through biotechnological processes that are safe and thoroughly tested. Minimalism in the selection of cosmetic ingredients. Respect for the natural environment. These are the main assumptions of cleanical – a skin care trend that is currently on the lips of consumers and cosmetic brands in Europe and the US.

The term “cleanical” is a combination of the words “clean” and “clinical” that combines the advantages of these two trends. The “clean beauty” trend draws on a love of nature, and from the “clinical” – attention to carefully selected ingredients. According to the cleanical philosophy, producers rely on vegan and organic products/semi-finished products. The trend emphasizes tested formulations and active ingredients that are safe for the consumer.

An important postulate of this trend is a holistic approach that covers all aspects of production. In practice, this means taking care of the cosmetic formulas being prepared and adhering to ecological standards at all stages of production. The holistic approach of cosmetics manufacturers does not end there – according to the clinical trend, they should take care of CSR, ethics (in sourcing raw materials treating employees) down to distribution and promotion.

Why did cosmetic brands appreciate the value of cleanical?

ELLE cited interesting insights into the trend. Ron Robinson, a chemist and founder of BeautyStat, argues that consumers want to see real results, not just use cosmetic products they think are safe. It’s worth mentioning that according to a survey conducted by New York-based NPD Group, cosmetic brands producing cleanical trend cosmetics reported 55% higher sales.



The cleanical trend is based on two popular trends: clean beauty and clinical, and its assumptions are based on a simple composition, respec. t for the environment, implementation of ethical and CSR principles. The trend promotes a holistic approach of cosmetic companies, which includes formulation development, production process or ethical principles and respect for the environment. As a contract manufacturing company, we also implement the principles of the cleanical trend, providing services at the highest level for our clients.


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