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Ingredients of our products: avocado as an ingredient of cosmetics

Ingredients of our products: avocado as an ingredient of cosmetics

Avocado oil has a number of cosmetic properties such as: firming the skin, stimulating its regeneration or nourishing the scalp. Let’s get to know avocado – one of the most commonly used natural ingredients in cosmetics.


The richness of avocado oil

Avocados grow naturally in Central and South America. Avocados are not only a well-known ingredient in the kitchen, but are also used in the production of cosmetics. Avocado is rich in omega-9 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins E, C, D and K, a complex of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 – folic acid). It has numerous mineral components. Thanks to the richness of vitamins and minerals, it is considered one of the most valuable ingredient in cosmetics.

Avocado oil is used for facial skin care as well as other parts of the body. Avocado oil has many beneficial properties for the skin – supports the regulation of lipid metabolism and supports the natural regeneration processes of the epidermis. It is worth adding that avocado oil, thanks to its vitamin E, potassium and lecithin content, leads to excellent skin nutrition. Oleic acid has anti-inflammatory effects, leading to the relief of eczema, psoriasis and keratosis. The oil also has anti-ageing properties.

What benefits does the use of avocado oil provide for the skin?

Avocado oil has many beneficial properties for the skin, which is why it is so often an ingredient in cosmetics: creams and lotions. It intensively nourishes the skin and forms a protective film on the skin against moisture loss. It is a great ally of the skin – leading to the improvement of its elasticity and firmness. It is a remedy for skin inflammation, irritation, burning or itching. It moisturises easily, regenerates the epidermis and neutralises the action of free radicals. Avocado oil also strengthens nails and accelerates the healing of scars.


Hair care with avocado

Avocado often becomes a component of hair care products and shampoos. It is very effective in the care of dry, damaged and weakened hair. The secret to its properties is fatty acids and vitamin E, which protects hair from drying out and breakage. Avocados also help fight dandruff and are used against hair loss. In addition, it nourishes and strengthens the hair bulbs. It is also worth using to rebuild the hair structure. Avocado improves the hydration of dry scalp and restores natural hair shine.


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