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R & D Laboratory

R & D Laboratory

Our R & D laboratory is the heart of our company, beating to the rhythm of our customers’ products. It is here that our team of highly qualified technologists develop formulas which are thoroughly studied and tested before reaching subsequent production stages.  

At the facility, we have our own state-of-the-art laboratory, which is where every contract manufacture begins. It is here that we develop and implement formulas, preceded by dozens of physicochemical and dermatological tests. Our team of highly-qualified and well-trained technologists continuously works on safe and effective formulas for medical devices, cosmetics, and perfumes, in order to obtain the necessary certificates and gain the recognition of consumers. Only after successfully passing a series of tests and trials, is a formula prepared for contract manufacture and then implemented. We outsource tests to independent institutions so as to ensure the highest quality and safety of products reaching the manufacturing line.

Being aware that the laboratory is the heart of every product in the contract manufacturing process, we use only the latest techniques and research methods. Our technologically advanced laboratory features the highest quality lab equipment, ensuring high precision and the highest level of service. Every stage of laboratory work on the cosmetic or medical product formula is overseen by experienced and highly trained personnel, providing constant technical supervision. Additionally, every cosmetic placed on the market is subjected to a safety assessment by an external Safety Assessor, ensuring both objectivity and impartiality.

Thanks to state-of-the-art techniques, innovative methods, and proven raw materials, our laboratory continues to gain the recognition of customers who use contract manufacturing services provided by Adex. The implementation laboratory also plays an important part in the production of cosmetics and ANTI-BACTER™ biocidal products manufactured under our brand.