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ANTI-BACTER™ cosmetics and biocidal product line

ANTI-BACTER™ cosmetics and biocidal product line

Effective hand cleansing, thanks to the high alcohol content – 70% vol.
We have introduced a line of hand skincare cosmetics to the market. ANTI-BACTER™ cosmetics have a high alcohol content – 70% vol. Product line includes hand spray and gel in different capacities. The products are based on an innovative formula of dermatologically-tested ingredients and contain, among others, aloe and glycerin. Aloe is often used in the production of cosmetics, mainly due to its soothing, nourishing, and caring properties. ANTI-BACTER™ cosmetics (hand gel, spray) not only effectively cleanse the skin of the hands, but also have a moisturising effect, maintaining it in perfect condition at all times. Glycerin is a common addition to cosmetics because it effectively eliminates the drying effect of ethyl alcohol. It also has strong moisturising properties.

The ANTI-BACTER™ cosmetics line has been dermatologically tested, and is therefore safe for the skin. The cosmetics have undergone antibacterial tests confirming the reduction of the number of microorganisms (bacteria) on the skin surface. The cosmetics (both hand gel and hand spray) show antibacterial activity against pathogenic strains: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. The products are available in the form of gel and spray, providing a convenient application. ANTI-BACTER™ cosmetics are perfect for everyday hand hygiene: at home, in the store, on public transport, in public, or at work. Thanks to the high alcohol content (70% vol.), our products stand out from the competition, guaranteeing the highest efficiency.

ANTI-BACTER™ cosmetics and biocidal product line
ANTI-BACTER™ cosmetics and biocidal product line

Biocidal products with confirmed bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal effects.

To meet the current needs of consumers in the face of the prevailing pandemic, we have also introduced the ANTI-BACTER™ biocidal product line with 75% alcohol content, intended for hygienic hand disinfection.
ANTI-BACTER™ products are alcohol-water gels, designed for hygienic hand disinfection by rubbing. What is the basic difference between them and cosmetics? Antibacterial hand gel, which is a biocidal product, have clinically-proven bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal effects. ANTI-BACTER™ antibacterial hand gels are biocidal products registered in Poland under permit no. 0080 / TP / 2020. Antibacterial gel is widely used: it is ideal as a solution for disinfecting hands in offices, public buildings, and health care facilities. Antibacterial hand gel can be used individually to disinfect hands after leaving the store, at work, or while traveling. Our biocidal products are based on an innovative formula that is characterised by 75% content of the active substance, ethyl alcohol, ensuring even greater effectiveness.
Each antibacterial gel and hand disinfectant spray has undergone a series of tests that have proven bactericidal effects against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, enterococci and Escherichia coli K12, as well as germicidal effects against yeast-like fungi. Antibacterial hand gels are ready to use without dilution and should be rubbed onto the hands for 30 seconds. Hand disinfectant spray and antibacterial gel ensure convenient application anywhere.