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Trends in cosmetics for men – part 1

Trends in cosmetics for men – part 1

The market for men’s personal hygiene products will grow by 9.1% by 2030. Men will focus on minimalism, specialized products and ecological solutions. Despite the focus on efficiency, the number of products used by men for grooming will increase. Welcome to the first part of the article about trends in men’s cosmetics.


What are the market forecasts for the men's cosmetics market?

It is estimated that the value of the men’s personal hygiene products market will grow from USD 30.8 billion by 9.1% in 2022-2030. The growth will be influenced by factors such as: growing demand for gender-specific products, the development of the e-commerce sector and greater sales of cosmetics in stationary stores after the COVID-19 pandemic. Supermarkets and hypermarkets have the largest share in the men’s cosmetics market because their offer is very wide, which is appreciated by men. Supermarkets also have special departments or sections for men. The sale of cosmetics for men will not be possible without a significant share of e-commerce. The projected growth of 9.9% in 2022-2030 will certainly influence consumer sentiment and purchasing trends. Cosmetic brands will invest heavily in online advertising and promotion on various shopping platforms to reach a larger number of consumers. The pharmacies and drugstores segment will not be left behind – according to research, it will grow by 9.2% in 2022-2030. Research shows that men often seek advice from drugstore employees. This is valuable information for some brands that will try to reach customers in drugstore chains and will focus on direct sales, POS materials, and promotional campaigns.

Currently, men spend the most on care cosmetics – an important influence here is played by influencers promoting new trends and changing habits or introducing new care rituals. Barber salons are and will be very popular and they redefine the approach to shaving. Cosmetic brands follow this trend by developing products for beard and mustache care, but also for razors (electric and traditional). The growing fashion for growing a beard and its proper care has resulted in the appearance of many products from this segment. Men will look for natural and environmentally friendly products. Organic ingredients will play an increasingly important role.


What trends will be in force in men's cosmetics in 2024?

1. Cosmetics created for many tasks

Nowadays, men often use multi-tasking cosmetics. Store shelves are brimming with 2-in-1 products (washing gel + shampoo) or 3-in-1. This tendency is typical of men who value efficiency and functionality more. Interestingly, multi-tasking cosmetics are bought by men aged 30-40+. A new trend is emerging in the younger group of male consumers aged 18+, i.e. the awareness of purchasing cosmetics tailored to individual needs, e.g. for oily hair or sensitive skin.

2. Interest in the composition of the product

Younger men pay more and more attention to the composition of cosmetics. Reading the ingredients is common, but current research shows that more and more men are looking for products based on natural ingredients. Ingredients such as aloe, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and essential oils are most popular. They more often choose products in ecological packaging and consciously look for active ingredients that address a specific problem, e.g. with anti-wrinkle, anti-dandruff, moisturizing or irritation-soothing properties. Men’s 2-in-1 anti-wrinkle cosmetics (acting on wrinkles and soothing irritations, so they can be used as an after-shave cream) contain aloe, caffeine and vitamin C.

3. Less means more

Men use fewer cosmetics than women – they are unfamiliar with multi-stage care. Current trends in cosmetics lead them towards minimalism – men’s cosmetic bags contain only the most necessary products, such as face cream, after-shave cream, antiperspirant, and face cream. The design and design of packaging also focuses on minimalism. Cosmetic brands focus on elegant and clear packaging in their products for men. The dominant colors are: black, navy blue, red, dark green. The packaging has a uniform style. Packaging usually features simple graphics and fonts. The messages of cosmetics for men are characterized by simplicity of message. The effect of the product and the method of use are emphasized, there are no sophisticated descriptions of ingredients that appeal to the imagination as in the case of typically women’s products. Instead, brands often use references to nature, strength, nature or animals. Hence, in the logo or cover of a popular brand’s antiperspirant, there is a bear, a dangerous snake eating a scarf with the name of the fragrance, or a stone graphic referring to strength, an attribute of masculinity.

4. Specialized products

On the other hand, the trend of minimalism is evolving towards the purchase of more specialized products, which is why a man’s cosmetic bag is filled with more and more cosmetics. Men choose anti-wrinkle eye cream, day and night cream, body lotion or a product intended for men. Personalizing care also involves searching for products tailored to a specific problem – e.g. sensitive skin. With men in mind, cosmetic brands and companies engaged in the contract production of cosmetics create product lines of cosmetics for beard and mustache care, and special lines of shaving cosmetics. These are the most top cosmetics intended for men. However, a trend from Asia is emerging on the market – men’s makeup (for people aged 18-34). Cosmetics from influencers are becoming an increasingly important player on the market, because men are guided by the recommendations of famous Internet creators who create trends. The marketing techniques used by copywriters in communication revolve around a play on words or a joke, which, as you can see, attracts men’s attention and influences their purchasing decisions.

5. Scented cosmetics

Cosmetic companies try to provide consumers with products containing attractive fragrance compositions. They are also a distinguishing feature of this cosmetics segment. In balms, antiperspirants and aftershave creams for men we can find woody, sea and musk notes. Shower gels most often contain fruit notes, e.g. citrus fruits with a refreshing scent. In drugstores, men often test the scent of gel or antiperspirant and this is the main factor deciding about the purchase. Therefore, cosmetic brands or entities engaged in the contract production of cosmetics for men pay special attention to this element.

6. Pro-ecological products

The definition of “ecological” in the context of cosmetics is broad. Customers appreciate pro-ecological cosmetics, i.e. products made on the basis of natural ingredients, with respect for the environment. They choose brands that are guided by the principles of sustainable development in production (saving water, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, obtaining raw materials from reliable suppliers and in a specific manner, limiting the harmful impact on the environment at every stage of the supply chain). Men are increasingly choosing cosmetics based on information about recycled packaging.

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