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What is the phenomenon of vegan cosmetics?

What is the phenomenon of vegan cosmetics?

Vegan cosmetics are bought not only by vegans, but also by people who care about the environment, look for organic products, oppose animal testing and want to focus on care that is on the side of nature. The growing trend of veganism has opened up a new segment of the market – cosmetics of plant origin. Let’s find out more about the composition, labelling and effectiveness of vegan cosmetics.


Essential characteristics of vegan cosmetics

Vegan cosmetics contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals, which should please not only animal rights supporters, but also all consumers who are not unfamiliar with empathy. Their biggest differentiator is their composition, which is strictly selected and tested for the quality, safety and plant-based origin of the ingredients. Vegan cosmetic formulas often contain substances such as algae, aloe vera, yarrow, chamomile, acacia senegal gum or olive oil. Reaching for a higher quality of cosmetics created from natural ingredients, manufacturers use only certified plant-based ingredients in their production.


Why are vegan cosmetics effective?

Plant oils have a toning effect and improve skin tone. Argan and coconut oil are the most popular ingredients used in production. Coconut oil is known for its pro-health properties, thanks to which it is used as a body balm, moisturizing lipstick or hair oil, or as an ingredient in scrubs and masks.


Labelling of vegan cosmetics

How to recognise vegan cosmetics on a shelf stacked with all sorts of beauty products? All you have to do is pay attention to the labelling on the packaging, which is a signpost for consumers who value ecology and animal protection above all else. The first of theseis the Vegan Society – a British certificate that appears on plant-based products and those produced under environmentally friendly conditions. The Cruelty-free logo proves that a product has not been tested on animals, and the Vegetarian and Vegan certificate is awarded by the VIVA Foundation. Another well-known certificate confirming that a given cosmetic or its ingredients have not been tested on animals is Leaping Bunny.

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