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Trends in Men’s Cosmetics – Part 2

Trends in Men’s Cosmetics – Part 2

The year 2024 will bring further development of beard and mustache care products as well as shaving products. However, unisex cosmetics are gaining more and more prominence. Environmental concern will continue to be significant, aligning with the previously described Sustainable Development trend. Men will increasingly opt for sun protection products. Welcome to the second part of the article on trends in men’s grooming.


What products will men most commonly buy in 2024?

Among men’s specialties, we will certainly include beard and mustache care products. Mustache wax, shampoos, oils, and balms for the beard are just some of the wide range of products in this segment. According to some experts, it was from this group of products that the revolution shaping conscious male grooming began. The trend of growing beards and mustaches requires not only proper trimming at the barber shop but also cosmetic care.

The oldest group of products for men – shaving products. Leading in this group are foams, creams, shaving gels, and post-shave care products. For some time now, cosmetic companies have been offering consumers shaving products containing anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients such as aloe and caffeine. These are replacing post-shave waters containing alcohol – this trend will continue in 2024.

According to research since 2023, men are paying increasing attention to skincare – this stems from the fact that they are increasingly concerned about their appearance, wanting to look more attractive. It’s also worth mentioning a few words about shopping trends. A PMR study suggests that many products for men are purchased by their partners – especially bath or oral hygiene products, facial care, hair styling products (12-28% more often than by men). The same study proves that men most often buy perfumes for themselves. It is worth adding that men spend as much as 850 million Polish złoty annually on cosmetics and shaving accessories (KPMG report).

What will the years 2024 and 2025 bring? Men’s grooming will move towards a trend popularizing products tailored to different degrees of beard growth. Cosmetic brands will introduce new product lines for men, but their number will still be smaller than that of women’s products.

Welcome to read the first part of the article on trends in men’s grooming.


Unisex Cosmetics

An increasing number of clothing products are designed for both sexes. In 2024, riding the wave of trends, social changes, and fashion, the unisex concept will permanently enter the cosmetics industry. The essence of this trend is clear – brands want to promote equality while accepting gender diversity.

Unisex cosmetics primarily include moisturizers and hand creams. Perfumes for both sexes are also being created, which may already raise greater controversy among some consumers. Such products also have the benefit of being shareable between partners, fitting into the Sustainable Development trend we described. Another advantage of unisex cosmetics is the opportunity to express one’s identity along with creating space for dialogue on gender equality.


Sun Protection - How will men view this aspect?

As research conducted by Fortune Business Insights suggests, the sun protection product category will dramatically increase and reach a value of $14.4 trillion by 2030. This beauty segment will grow by 4.5%. Already, cosmetic brands or contract cosmetics manufacturers are deciding to launch sun protection products for men. Sunscreens with SPF filters are the most popular. The popularity of these products stems from greater consumer awareness. Protection against UV radiation helps prevent cancers such as melanoma. In 2024, men’s grooming products will also not escape the “sun protection revolution.” However, manufacturers will not focus on releasing dedicated products such as SPF creams. Instead, products from various categories will be equipped with UV filters, so that a man buying a moisturizing cream or aftershave balm from a given company can count on protection against harmful UV and UVB radiation.


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